Our Services

Camera and object tracking – Using skill sets strengthened and proven on blockbuster films, television, commercial and music videos, using Match the Motion as your camera and object tracking outsource vendor, you can expect excellent recreations of shot camera and rigid body object motion paths.

Character, facial, and soft bodied matchmoving – When matching the movement of live action for organic elements, Match the Motion can provide accurate motion animation, at the correct position, orientation, and scale. Because the levels of matchmoving differ so greatly from shot to shot, we can alter our prices to match your needs.

3D Layout – We can’t simply throw this handful of data off to you! Using Match the Motion as your outsource vendor guarantees pipeline matching. Deliveries will contain scene files matching your needs, the naming conventions your tool sets require, and the hierarchy your artists prefer.

Stereoscopic/3D/Conversion – Need a vendor to outsource stereo projects? Match the Motion is not only able to handle 3D, but we have already worked on some incredible 3D projects including Avatar, Tron, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Its also where pipeline matching comes in handy, because we prepare our deliveries to work properly with any automated scripts tied to these projects.