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New Reel!

It’s long overdue but a good sign that Match has been too busy to drop a new reel. We are all quite proud of the track and matchmove work we have contributed to such a wide range of projects. Match is excited to see the next evolution in our portfolio. Feel free to get in contact and see how we can Match the Motion can benefit your next gig.


Now accepting VR projects!


Match the Motion would like to officially announce it is actively accepting Virtual Reality based projects. We have toolsets to handle camera matchmoves and object tracking within a 360 degree spherical environment.

Feel free to reach out and start a conversation on how we can help integrate visual effects within your VR project.

Match the Motion – Track. Matchmove. Layout. And now, VR.

And still counting…..


Since opening its doors in 2012, Match the Motion has made a name for itself as a leading track and matchmove vendor. Visual effects will always seem to carry some uncertainty and caution. Concern is rightfully placed considering tight deadlines and budgets, zero room for error, and an ever increasing emphasis on content security.  It’s why Match the Motion focuses on sustainability, technology, talent and affordability. With our vast collective of experience between a team of senior artists, simply consider us an extension of your team.

These numbers are something that we are extremely proud of. Give us a chance and see the immediate benefit of expanding your 3D capacity.

Rounding out the year.

It’s been a great year. We have had some amazing projects come through these doors and some quality matchmoves get sent out. We have made some big changes in our software choices and its expanded our abilities ten-fold. We have a few more big changes coming that will be announced soon, but it all leads in one direction: Match the Motion will continue its growth and will cement its quality further as a tracking, matchmove, and layout vendor.

I would like to send out a enormous bit of gratitude to our artists and a grandiose of thanks to our awesome clientele. It’s a blessing to walk into this office each day, and I am extremely proud of what Match the Motion has become.

Happy holidays, everyone!


Celebrating three years!

What started as a small idea quickly grew. Looking back over the last three years, we are proud of what Match the Motion has become. Walt Disney once said “Get a good idea and stay with it. Dog it, and work at it until it’s done right.” He also said that “It’s kind of fun to do this impossible”.

As long as we never loose track (pun intended!) of our mission, Match the Motion will continue to offer its services to the visual effects community. We would like to send our sincere thanks to all of our awesome clients, their staff, our artists, and the visual effects community at large.

Match the Motion. Track. Matchmove. Layout.



Match moves to 3D Equalizer









Match the Motion would like to announce its transition into 3D Equalizer 4 Release 4. Acquiring the most recent release results in access to the cutting edge tools and cements the quality of our contributions even further. New tool sets grant better pipelines with complex and dynamic lens distortion correction, interactive lens distortion, stereo-graphic projects, facial matchmoving, object tracking, and project exports for software like Nuke, Maya, 3DS Max, and Alembic.

In the past we have utilized Syntheyes to provide our services to many clientele on over a hundred projects in film, commercial, television, music video and stereo conversion. We will maintain our pipeline for Syntheyes should you request it.

Please feel free to get in touch about this news. We are excited about this transition and the many advantages it provides.

Thank you,
Devin, Heather, and the Match the Motion team

Getting the word out

Match the Motion is the premiere vfx servicing vendor for 3d tracking, matchmoving and layout. We have worked on many film projects like Need For Speed, Godzilla, The Walk, The Lone Ranger, Jupiter Rising, Blended, and more. We have also provided our services for television, commercial, and music videos for Katy Perry, Constantine, The Affair, Nurse Jackie, The Last of Us, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, and sprint, to name a few.

Feel free to visit our site to learn more about how Match the Motion can help your project.

New Year. New Reel. New Site.

Hello Everyone,

2014 was a great year for Match the Motion. Our companies growth was above expectations. Here’s looking to 2015!