About Us

Where we came from

In operation since 2012 and built around talent. With the dramatic changes to the industry over the last decade, Match the Motion was born. Chasing of tax subsidies, outsourcing of labor, globalization of a once contained industry brought a bit of an experiment. Could Visual Effects be completed: efficiently in cost, strong quality, and deliver in the deadlines that are so frequently challenging? Match the Motion is here to prove it can be. No gimmicks or loopholes. Sustainable.

What we do

Match the Motion is a visual effects vendor specializing in the outsource of camera tracking, character and object matchmoving, and asset layout  for both traditional and stereoscopic projects. We are available for set supervision and data reconstruction. We may also provide our services utilizing camera tracking in the assistance of plate digitization and stereo conversion.

Who we are

Founded on an idea of pliability in process, because no two workflows are the same. We are here to match your pipeline. Our artists have worked in studios both large and small. We have worked in diverse pipelines on projects in film, television, commercial, and music videos. Track and matchmove outsource should feel as easy and natural, like an extension of your studio. We are Match the Motion, and that is what we do.

Our Team

Devin Fairbairn, Founder/Supervising Artist


Devin started in visual effects in 2006. With over a decade of experience in a wide variety pipelines, projects, and studios, he has positioned Match the Motion so it may cater to any client that has needs for tracking and matchmoving solutions. He has supervised tracking on several live actions sets like SuckerPunch and Final Destination 5. He has contributed to more than 35 films including Avatar, Avengers, Transformers, Star Trek, and the Pirates of the Caribbean.